Serve Our Church

There are so many ways to serve God and the people of FaithWestwood with your time and talent! Everyone has a valuable gift to offer their faith community, and we can't wait for you to jump into the uplifting life of our church.

  • Family Ministry // Children's and Students

    FaithWestwood is generational -- we're committed to providing our young people with opportunities to know God, grow in their faith, and share all the Spirit-led enthusiasm that flows from their hearts.

    Being an adult leader in either the Children's or Student Ministry is a rewarding and fun way to make a difference in the life of our kids!

    Want to Serve in our Children's or Student Ministries?

    To learn more about serving in Children's Ministry, contact Director of Family Ministry Leah Dinoso at 402-895-3394 ext. 1002 or at

    To learn about the team at Student Ministry, contact Director of Family Ministry Leah Dinoso at

  • Guest Connections

    .FaithWestwood is a relational church and our team of greeters, ushers, and servers are here to make sure that everyone who worships with us feels welcome and appreciated -- whether it's their first time or their five hundredth time through our doors.

    And that goes for online worship too! Our online hosts welcome, chat with, and offer guidance to our online worshipers just like they would in person. 

    Want to Serve in This Ministry?

    If you have a gift for hospitality, in person or online, contact Director of Guest Connections Jen Robinson at 402-895-3394 x 1013 or at

  • Our Creation Care team works behind the scenes with the goal to make FaithWestwood a Zero Waste building -- and everyone who visits FaithWestwood has a chance to participate in this effort!

    Want to Serve in This Ministry?

    For more information about the Creation Care team and what they do, contact Director of Guest Connections Jen Robinson at

  • Gardening Angels

    The Gardening Angels love to see people experience God's love and healing presence among his beautiful plants and flowers. You can help keep FaithWestwood's gardens and landscaping looking beautiful by adopting an area to care for through the seasons or help with special projects during the year.

    No need to be an experienced gardener -- we'll teach you what you need to know. The work is seasonal, and the time commitment is up to you. Just be willing to visit your assigned piece of the landscape to weed, trim, remove trash, and perform other simple maintenance tasks.

    Want to Serve in This Ministry?

    For information, contact Director of Caring Ministries Vikki O'Hara at

  • Caring ministries

    Our Caring Ministries offer many opportunities to use your time and talent for the good of others in our church and in the community too!

    Ministries to consider:

    Want to Serve in This Ministry?
    For information about any of these serving opportunities, watch for announcements in our FaithConnect Monday email newsletter or on our Happenings page

    Contact: Director of Caring Ministries Vikki O'Hara at 402-650-9489 or by email at
  • Events & Special Projects

    All year long, our ministries create opportunities for fellowship, spiritual growth, and fun for our congregation and the community around us -- and it takes a lot of hands and feet to make these events happen! Whether you like to lead or maybe serve behind the scenes, each of these special events has lots of ways for you to participate and meet new people along the way. 

    Be sure to watch for serving opportunities and sign-ups in worship, in our Monday FaithConnect email, and on our Happenings page on our website.

  • There's a LOT that goes into putting together a meaningful and enjoyable service that shares the love of God with everyone who worships with us. Musicians, vocalists, choirs, technical crew, worship hosts, and scripture readers -- they're all indispensable pieces of a beautiful worship experience.

    Want to Serve in this Ministry?

    If you're drawn to serve in this part of FaithWestwood, contact Director of Worship Donna Sandoval at

    More about opportunities to serve in worship.

  • the Local Missions Team with Restore Dignity

    The Local Missions Team is assembling a team of:

    • volunteers with pickups or trailers who would agree to help our congregation move donated furniture to Restoring Dignity's warehouse at 108th & J Streets, and
    • volunteers to help load and unload donated furniture and household items when the need arises.

    Questions? Contact us at