Next Steps

Ready to take another step to becoming a deep, daring, and daily disciple at FaithWestwood? 

Whether you're just curious about what FaithWestwood is all about, interested in becoming a full partner in our church, or searching for a group to share the journey with, your next steps might be found in one of these opportunities.

  • FaithLink

    If you're new to FaithWestwood and you'd like to learn more about our church, then FaithLink is for you.

    FaithLink is a lunchtime get-together designed to learn more about FaithWestwood and meet others who are new like you. You'll get to meet and hear from Pastor Cindi Stewart too. No pressure at all, no commitment -- just food, conversation, and a chance to ask a few questions and learn more about life in our church community. 

    Our next meeting of FaithLink is Sunday, August 20, at noon, in fellowship hall.

    For information, contact Director of Guest Connections Jen Robinson at or by phone at 402-895-3394.

  • FaithWalk

    If you've worshiped with us for a while, made a few connections, and FaithWestwood is starting to feel like home, then FaithWalk might be your next step.

    FaithWalk is for those thinking of becoming a member -- or partner, as we like to say -- of this church. It's a relaxed gathering where you'll explore the path to becoming a deep, daring, and daily disciple of Jesus and learn more about what that looks like at FaithWestwood. After FaithWalk, you'll have the opportunity to take the next steps to becoming a partner at FaithWestwood, if you choose to.

    Our next two opportunities for FaithWalk are Thursday, September 14, 6:00 - 8:30 p.m. OR Saturday, September 16, 9:00 - 11:30 a.m. You only need to attend one meeting. A meal is provided at both.

    For information, send an email to Director of Guest Connections Jen Robinson at or call 402-895-3394.
  • FaithGroups

    Becoming a deep, daring, daily disciple is a lifelong journey, and it helps to have friends to walk with you along the way. At FaithWestwood, hundreds of us participate in FaithGroups -- it's a valuable part of who we are as a church.

    What is a FaithGroup? A FaithGroup is a small group of people who meet regularly for study, prayer, and fellowship. Each group is a little different. Some groups meet to discuss the most recent Sunday message or the current message series. Some choose other books or studies to dive into. Sometimes groups get together to serve within the church and community too. 

    How do you find a FaithGroup? There are several ways to get involved. Many of our current groups extend open invitations for new members. Others are formed with guidance from our pastor and staff. And some groups just form naturally when a few friends -- or even strangers -- with something in common decide they'd like to dive into regular bible study and prayer together.

    Click Here for the Neighborly Study Guide for FaithWestwood FaithGroups

    For information about FaithGroups, please email us at or call 402-895-3394.