June 9 - 13, 2024

And Now You're Invited to VBS Celebration Sunday!

Sunday, June 16, 10:00 am, at FaithWestwood

Each year, after VBS week, we gather for ONE worship at 10 am to let The Petes and the kids show us all what they learned and experienced through the most exciting week of our year!

This full worship service will be filled with music, photos, videos, scripture, message, and more!

Check out the slideshow below for highlights from Scuba VBS!

Photo credits: 

Most images: Liz Polivka

Children working on cross: Pastor Cindi Stewart

Worship Center after dark: Travis Schmitz

VBS is a BIG DEAL at FaithWestwood! 

Our entire church family gets involved in the planning, directing, shopping, leading, and teaching that it takes to make this the most exciting week of the year in Family Ministry!

The Petes

Meet Your Hosts -- The Petes!

With their unique style, engaging humor, and boundless enthusiasm, The Petes bring so much energy and laughter to our VBS celebration! 

Pete, RePete, 3Pete, and Tiny Pete make appearances at special events and in promotional videos throughout the year too. They keep us moving, keep us laughing, and VBS wouldn't be the same without them.

A Peek at the Week

Sunday - June 9


Pajama Jam! Wear your pajamas to VBS!

FaithWorks Pantry Donation: Canned pasta

Bible Buddy: Tad

Bible Point: God is a friend who's real.

Monday -June 10


Wear your crew color!

FaithWorks Pantry Donation:

Peanut butter & jelly

Bible Buddy: Finnley

Bible Point: God is a friend who loves.

Tuesday - June 11


Light Up the Night!

FaithWorks Pantry Donation:

Snack crackers

Bible Buddy: Fisher

Bible Point: God is a friend we can trust.

Wednesday - June 12


Crazy Socks!

FaithWorks Pantry Donation:

Fruit snacks or roll-ups

Bible Buddy: Whalan

Bible Point: God is a friend forever.

THURSDAY - June 13

Family night


Family Night - come as you are!

FaithWorks Pantry Donation:


Bible Buddy: Octavia

Bible Point: God is a friend for everyone.

Bring the whole family and have some great food and fun with The Petes and the whole VBS crew!

SUNDAy - June 16

10:00 a.m.


One service -- 10:00 a.m.

in person & online

After a great week at VBS, our kids are going to be FULL of things to share, so we're gathering as one for a full worship service that celebrate this special week at VBS! 


It's the BEST week of the year! We're excited to meet you -- bring your friends too!

Ages 3 - leaving 5th grade

Check back here for registration details for 2025

It's all FREE! Let's have some fun at FaithWestwood!

When You Arrive

On The First Night:

  1. Find your child's name on the Crew List Roster
  2. Look for your child's Crew number in the worship center.
  3. Check in your child with their Crew Leader at their Crew's pew and take home the child's pick-up tag. (Bring this tag back when you pick them up.)
  4. To pick up your child, check in again at their Crew's pew, and join us for our daily closing ceremony in the worship Center from 8:10 - 8:30 p.m. 
  5. If you will not be the same person picking up your child at the end of the evening, please let us know at the Check-In Desk when you drop them off.

On Other Nights:

  1. Repeat #'s 3-5 above!

Each Evening's Schedule

  • Opening - Sing & Play Celebration

    Start each night with a blast of energy, music, dancing, and hilarious fun from The Petes!

  • Station rotations

    • Through a series of four rotating stations led by crew leaders and station leaders, kids hear and practice valuable lessons about faith, friendship, and God's love for them.
    • Stations include Bible Adventure, Imagination Station, KidVid Cinema, and an outdoor activity too.
  • Closing - More Music & fun with the petes

    Gather again for more music and fun with The Petes before we go each night.

    Parents & guardians are WELCOME and ENCOURAGED to join us for Closing, starting at approximately 8:05 pm!

Family Night & VBS Sunday

  • Family Night - Thursday, june 13

    The last night of VBS is FAMILY NIGHT!

    On this night, parents stay with their kids and enjoy an evening of food, music, fun, and a whole bunch more antics from The Petes.

  • VBS Sunday - The Sunday After VBS week

    Like we said, VBS IS A BIG DEAL at FaithWestwood, and we like to get the entire congregation involved in the celebration! And of course, YOU'RE INVITED TOO!

    So, on Sunday, June 16, we worship kid-style! 

    One service, one big group, 10:00 am, in person & online!

    VBS Sunday is a full worship service with music, prayer, and a special message from Director of Family Ministry Leah Dinoso. The Petes will be there to recap our adventures at VBS and share the Bible points and important lessons our kids learned throughout the week.