The Adventure

Walk by Faith, Led By the Spirit

April 16 - June 9

in person & online

The Adventure

Walk by Faith, Led by the Spirit

Does it ever feel that being a Christian is boring? What if it could become an adventure? Our word “adventure” comes from the Latin adventurus, meaning “about to happen.” And who knows what’s about to happen when the Holy Spirit is leading the way! During this series we’ll follow the adventures of Paul and company on their Spirit-led journeys sharing the Good News. 

Sunday, April 16

Go Where You’re Called

Acts 13:1-12

Do you ever feel suddenly prompted to phone someone “out of the blue”? Or to give money to a project? Or to fix food for a neighbor? Could this be the Holy Spirit, guiding your thoughts? Get used to it. This is normal for Jesus’s people. In the Bible, Paul and Barnabas were spoken to, sent by, and filled with the Holy Spirit. Are you ready for a life of Spirit-led adventure? 


April 23

Pray for Signs and Wonders

Acts 14:1-10

When you belong to Jesus and let the Holy Spirit direct your path, don’t be surprised if strange “coincidences” begin to happen. You might even witness a miracle. Early Christians prayed that God would work signs and wonders among them to confirm the gospel. It’s all part of the great adventure of faith.

April 30

Stay True, Expect Hardships

Acts 14:19-28

Today we get to hear from our 13 confirmands at both services as they share about their life in Jesus. Then Pastor Steve will encourage them--and all of us--to stay true to Jesus as his deep, daring daily disciples, though we will face many hardships along the way. 

May 7

Settle Your Disputes

Acts 15:1-13

Jesus’s people have always dealt with differences of opinion. As long as we continue to love each other, we don’t have to agree on everything. But sometimes disputes must be resolved. The first big issue the early church faced was whether circumcision would be required for Gentile Christians. What did they decide? And how did they go about deciding it? We must never let disputes derail us from the mission.

May 14

Watch for Open Hearts

Acts 16:6-15

One of the most exciting parts of the Christian adventure is seeing someone put their faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior. It might be a person we’ve just met or an individual we’ve been praying for many years. But when the Lord opens someone’s heart to respond to the gospel, that’s part of the adventure we never get tired of. 

May 21

Balance Boldness and Respect

Acts 17:16-31

Everyone longs to be respected. And when we represent Jesus, we must respect where each person is in their beliefs. Paul respected the philosophers in Athens, even complimenting them on how religious they were. Yet he also boldly proclaimed the resurrection of Jesus, whom he said will “judge the world with justice.” Are you ready to balance boldness and respect in the adventure?   April 30

May 28

Don’t Give Up When God Hasn’t

Acts 18:1-1

Expect transition in every adventure. Things change. We move to a new phase – or a new place. But we must not let the winds of circumstances dictate those moves. We must listen to the Lord and let him set the agenda. We’ve already seen Paul listen to the Lord about moving to Macedonia. Now we see the Lord telling him to remain in Corinth. The adventure there has just begun.  

June 4

Expect Receptivity and Resistance

Acts 19:1-10

It’s easy to assume that if things get ugly, it’s because we’re not following the Holy Spirit well. But that may not be the case. When Paul arrived in Ephesus, he was greeted with both receptivity and resistance. One day he even found himself at the center of a riot. When God is powerfully at work, we may face powerful opposition. That’s why the best adventures require courage.  

June 11, one service at 10 a.m.

Watch Over the Flock

Acts 20:17-24

Just as Paul gave his farewell address to the sisters and brothers from Ephesus, on this day Pastor Steve will give his farewell message to us as he enters retirement and the next stage of life for him and Tricia. We remember what Paul said, “Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers” (Acts 20:28).