An August Rally for FaithWorks Pantry

The Situation

FaithWorks Pantry is an important resource and ministry we offer to our community – one of the biggest outreach opportunities we have at FaithWestwood. Over the past year, the number of patrons visiting our FaithWorks Pantry has increased dramatically. At the same time, monetary donations have dropped by half.

Consequently, our FaithWorks Pantry team is struggling to offer the food and services that it has in the past and is looking at the possibility of limiting pantry visits for individual patrons from twice a month to once a month. In addition to groceries, patrons come to the pantry for fellowship, friendship, and prayer -- and limiting this impact on the community is the last thing we want to let happen.

How can we help?

For the 31 days of August, let’s rally around our FaithWorks Pantry with a special food drive:

  •         We’ve created a list below of the 31 most-needed grocery items the pantry shares with their patrons.
  •     This month, please consider adding as many of the items as you are able to your own shopping list.
  •         Bring your contributions to the collection area in the foyer on Sunday morning or drop them off at the FaithWestwood office during the week.

If you can share one of everything on the list, that’s great! But whatever you can contribute, in whatever amount, will be greatly appreciated by the FaithWorks Pantry volunteer team and the community.

Thank you for your continued support of our FaithWorks Pantry!

Want to volunteer with the FaithWorks Pantry? Please sign up for any number of days you would like to help at There are roles for all ages and abilities -- they'll find the perfect spot for you and show you what to do.

Questions about FaithWorks Pantry or the August Rally? Please contact Director of Caring Ministries Vikki O'Hara by text/call at 402-650-9489 or by email to

The List of Most-Needed Items

1. Hamburger Helper (box)

2. Chicken noodle soup (can)

3. Cream of chicken soup (can)

4. Cream of mushroom soup (can)

5. Tomato soup (can)

6. Spaghetti sauce (can or jar)

7. Pork ’n’ beans (can)

8. “Life” cereal (box)

9. Peanut butter (jar)

10. Fruit juice (64 oz. bottle)

11. Green beans (can)

12. Peas (can)

13. Mashed potatoes (box or envelope)

14. AuGratin or scalloped potatoes (box)

15. Diced tomatoes (can)

16. Pineapple (can)

17. Mandarin oranges (can)

18. Peaches (can)

19. Pears (can)

20. Cereal for adults (box)

21. Cereal for kids (box)

22. Pancake mix

23. Pancake syrup

24. Breakfast/granola bars (box)

25. Individual packets oatmeal (box)

26. Frosted shredded wheat cereal (box)

27. Ravioli (can)

28. Chili (can)

29. Pinto beans (can)

30. Great Northern or other white beans (can)

31. Pasta: penne, rotini, small shells, etc. (box)*

*We already have a LOT of elbow macaroni.