A Holy Week of Promises

Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday

Easter Sunday April 12

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Palm Sunday's Promise: A Humble King

April 5, 2020 // 9:00 a.m.


  • Gathering music with David Gerard
  • A Children's Palm Parade led by Pete&Repete with a performance by The Little Angels
  • Music with Bucky McCann and Donna Sandoval
  • Prayer time

Matthew 21:1-13

What kind of leader do you want? What kind of leader do we need? in 332 BC, the conquering Alexander the Great rode into Jerusalem on his huge white stallion. More than three centuries later, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a borrowed donkey -- very different beasts for very different kings. Today only one is still hailed as a king, the one who taught the way of humility.


Maundy Thursday's Promise: A Gift for Flawed Followers

April 9, 2020 // 12:00 p.m.


  • Gathering music with David Gerard
  • Hymns with vocalist Becky Dorn
  • Children's Time with Leah Dinoso -- remember to have a baby wipe or wash cloth ready for each child
  • Prayer Time
  • Scripture reading with Larry Berryman
  • At-Home Communion led by Pastor Steve. Instructions can be found here.

Matthew 26:20-36

Just after Jesus predicts that one disciple will betray him, and just before he predicts that the rest will fall away from him, Jesus does something extraordinary. He gives them bread and says, “This is my body.” He hands them the cup and says, “This is my blood.” It was a gift not based on their qualifications but on his grace. As flawed followers, we receive this same gift today. 

Good Friday's Promise: His Punishment, Our Peace

April 10, 2020 // 12:00 p.m.


  • Gathering music with David Gerard
  • Hymns with vocalist Becky Dorn
  • Children's Time with Leah Dinoso
  • Responsive prayer
  • Scripture reading

Isaiah 53:1-12

Who was more misunderstood than Jesus?

Who was more despised?

  • He was a threat to those in power.
  • He disappointed those who wanted power.
  • He confused those who had no power.

The punishment he received seemed so tragic, so unfair.

No one knew it was God’s plan to bring us peace. 


Easter's Promise: A World Restored

Sunday, April 12 -- starting at 9:00 a.m.


  • Acoustic gathering music with vocalists
  • Children's Time with Leah Dinoso
  • Hymns with vocalist Becky Dorn
  • Congregational song with lyrics
  • Scripture reading led by Student Ministry students
  • At-home Communion led by Pastor Steve
  • a special Easter greeting from your faith family

Luke 24:1-8

The resurrection of Jesus wasn't just for his sake. It was for you! Jesus's resurrection proves that his death wasn't a defeat. It was a victory for all who trust in him. And Easter is a promise of our own resurrection to come -- the day when God will remake the world by bringing heaven and earth together. It's a promise that's already beginning to come true, through the hearts and actions of every one of us.