Pastor Steve Todd

Lead Pastor

My role at FaithWestwood

I’m the lead pastor here which means I give the message most Sundays. I try to listen and follow Jesus as I lead the church.

My background in faith

During high school I sensed Jesus calling me to know him and give my life to him. And he gave me the courage to say yes. As a college student I decided God was making me into a pastor, and again he helped me to say yes.

Why I love our church                   

I love the warmth and grace I see here every day. People are eager to serve the community, learn God’s Word, and pray for one another. It’s a safe place to explore what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

A bit about me

I enjoy dabbling in some music. The instrument I’m currently playing is called a mountain dulcimer. I’m not much of a performer, but it’s relaxing to play at home.

402-895-3394 ext. 1010