Daily Prayer for Discernment

Daily prayer for discernment

Scripture citations below

Holy and gracious God, in your mercy you have called FaithWestwood to be a community of Jesus’s

people, saved by grace through faith (i).

  • Good and kind Father, let us not forsake the love we had at first, and if we have forsaken that love, we repent (ii).
  • Lord Jesus, we want to love you, keep your commands (iii), and follow in your steps (iv).
  • Holy Spirit, guide is into all truth (v).

As we enter this time of discernment about our denominational affiliation, make us wise through the

Holy Scriptures (vi), so we do not just listen to what we want to hear (vii). Save us from being deceived by the

evil one (viii). As we make our individual decisions, help us to do so not based on sentiment or anger or

wishful thinking, but based on your will for us (ix). May every word we say and every action we take be

done in the name of the Lord Jesus (x).



(i) Ephesians 2:8

(ii) Revelation 2:4-5

(iii) John 14:21

(iv) 1 Peter 2:21

(v) John 16:13

(vi) 2 Timothy 3:15

(vii) 2 Timothy 4:3

(viii) Colossians 2:4

(ix) Matthew 6:10

(x) Colossians 3:17