While We've Been Away

While we've been away, our worship center has been getting ready for your return with some important and noticeable updates and renovations.


With the leadership of Director of Business Administration Alan Hanson and Dawn Stock, new carpet fills the worship center and a new Hearing Assist loop is in place. We're installing new lights in the ceiling (as they come in -- shipping is a little slow right now) and once that's done, the pews will return.

A special THANK YOU to everyone who helped with this project and the ongoing cleaning and maintenance that follows: 

  • Gama and Dolores Silva; Dawn, Brad, and Colton Stock; Ryan Hultgren, Greg Stolp, Dave Woodstock, Nick Blumenthal, Jeff Fauble, Matt Poast, Jeff Bernadt, and Tom Fowler

Enjoy these behind-the-scenes photos from the project

When We Were Last Together

The last time we met in the worship center, we were in the middle of Pastor Steve's 12-week series on the Psalms, we'd gathered for that beautiful Ash Wednesday service a few weeks prior, and we were just beginning our observance of Lent. 

And we were wondering how we could bring new carpet into the worship center and install new lights without disrupting Sunday worship too much. 

When Life Hands You Lemons...

Although our present quarantine has turned life upside down for everyone, it did present the opportunity to get these important renovations completed. And several of you joined in to help, including Dawn Stock and her family.

First, Move the Pews

And guess what -- solid wood pews are kinda heavy. Thankfully, we had willing volunteers and a few dollies to make that work easier. (Watch those spikes in the floor though -- ouch!)

Next, Store the Pews

Need a place to sit in fellowship hall? Lots of options!

Wanna Square Dance?

If we could, it'd be a great time to have a dance. Or even a soccer game -- the slope might be a challenge though. It looks so big and empty now, but great things are to come...

Bye, red carpet. You served us well.

Hearing Assist Loop Goes In

With the carpet removed, it's time to lay down the wiring for a new Hearing Assist loop.

Square By Square

Square by square and row by row, carpet covers the worship center floor again.


Isn't it beautiful? Updated and ready for us to return. 

Well, almost...cleaning and removing the old carpet glue from the bare floor created an unbelievable amount of dust that covered every square inch of the worship center, top to bottom. Gama and Dolores Silva are tackling that huge cleaning project next. 

Now - New Lights

Before the pews can return, though, workers will bring in lifts to install new lights in the ceiling. Some of the new lights have arrived, but we're waiting patiently for the others -- shipping isn't quick or easy these days.

Stay Tuned...

Check back from time to time. As new developments happen, we'll keep you posted.