I Can Worship Anywhere!

by Pastor Steve

When we have to close our church,

I find an oak or spruce or birch.

I will worship in the park.

I can worship in the dark.

Sing God's praises at the table,

joyful noise as I am able.

Sing to God while in the shower;

I could stay there one whole hour.

Read God's Word upon a chair.

Say it walking up the stair.

I can pray in my backyard.

You can to, it's not so hard.

Give God thanks when scooping snow.

Now can I watch my TV show?

Video game, I will pause it.

Pray to God while in my closet.

Praise God lying on my bed,

Praise God hiding in a shed.

Praise God sitting on a stool.

Praise God that I'm home from school!

I Miss My Church

by Pastor Steve


I miss my church, the people, too.

I miss my family’s favorite pew.


I miss my name tag with my name.

It always made me glad we came.


I miss my donut every Sunday,

My favorite day—the worst is Monday.


I miss the time when kids come up,

Started that when I was a pup.


I miss Miss Leah, miss her smile.

I miss the way she’d talk a while.


I miss her stories, songs we’d sing.

I miss the offering I’d bring.


I miss my friends, our crafts, our walks,

Our time to pray, our small group talks.


I miss it all, I’m out of whack.

I wish that I could bring it back.


But VBS taught me to say

The words that help me out today.


“When life is sad, God is good.”

I still believe, I knew I would.


“And when life’s scary, God’s still good.”

Can you believe? I knew you could.