• Every month, our FaithWorks Pantry provides close to 100 families a place to find prayer, encouragement, and a few groceries to help bridge the gap before the end of the month.

    For details about how our pantry works and how you can participate, please visit our FaithWorks Pantry page.

    FaithWorks Pantry is an equal opportunity establishment.

    For information, contact Holly Timberlake at 402-895-3394 x 1006 or holly.timberlake@faithwestwood.com.

  • Missions

    Whether in our city, another state, or another country, we provide opportunities for teams of both students and adults to use their time and talents to help others.

    For information about adult mission opportunities, contact Holly Timberlake at 402-895-3394 x 1006 or holly.timberlake@faithwestwood.com.

    For student mission trip information, contact Polly Pierce at 402-895-3394 x1005 or polly.pierce@faithwestwood.com.

  • Outside the Walls is a special Sunday when FaithWestwood leaves the building and our usual worship services behind and heads out into the community to serve. 

    Local schools, local non-profits, area parks, individual's homes, even another church -- we've identified several projects across the city, and during Outside the Walls Sunday, we head their way as God's hands and feet.

    This year's OTW is Sunday, September 12. There will be NO REGULAR WORSHIP. Instead, we'll meet at FaithWestwood at 9:00 a.m. for a send-off rally, bursting with encouragement for our teams as they disperse. Projects are available for all ages, interests, and ability levels.

    Sign-ups begin August 15. Look for more information at faithwestwood.com/happenings and faithwestwood.com/outsidethewalls.

  • Bless NeighborHood connections

    We value our connection to our immediate neighborhood, and through special projects and events, we hope to be good neighbors and a blessing to the community right outside our doors. Our partnership with Central Middle School and our commitment to keep Oaks Park a safe and inviting place to play are just two examples.

    For information, contact Director of Adult & Family Discipleship Holly Timberlake at 402-895-3394 x 1006 or at holly.timberlake@faithwestwood.com.

  • Iglesia Comunitaria

    FaithWestwood is honored to partner with Pastor Juan Carlos and Iglesia Comunitaria, a new United Methodist congregation meeting in Omaha. Teams from FaithWestwood frequently meet to assist with projects needed to get the new church ready for its official launch on Easter Day 2020.

    For information, contact Vikki O'Hara, Director of Caring Ministries, at 402-650-9489 or vikki.ohara@faithwestwood.com.

  • UMCOR Disaster Relief

    The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) responds to disasters in the US and globally when a disaster overwhelms a community's ability to recover on its own by providing supplies and supporting long-term rebuilding efforts. "Early in and last out" is one of UMCOR's guiding principles. 

    Several members of the FaithWestwood family participate when UMCOR responds to disasters across the country. 

    For information, contact Vikki O'Hara, Director of Caring Ministries at 402-650-9489 or vikki.ohara@faithwestwood.com.

  • United Methodist Women

    The United Methodist Women of FaithWestwood meet monthly for programs in large and small group meetings to encourage mission education, spiritual growth, and social activity -- with a focus on the needs of women and children locally and worldwide.

    COVID activity in our area has curtailed regular meetings for now, but the United Methodist Women continue to serve their community in our church and in the community.

    For information, contact Marilyn Hart at 402-321-1164.