Series Description: 

How God Renews Us for Restored Relationships

This series is not a quick how-to guide on being a better friend. It’s meant to move us into the deep work of God, restoring our souls for healthy relationships. One more reason to be in a FaithGroup: you’ll get to see a superb, 15-minute video each week from Right Now Media, created just for this series.

Upcoming Messages

My Human Hang-up

October 7, 2018

{Romans 5:1-8}

My friends on social media, do they really know me? And why do so many of my friendships stay stuck at cheering for the same team, or going to the same meetings, or working in the same department? Am I unknowingly sabotaging my opportunities to have deep, genuine relationships? What kind of friend would I be if I was at peace with myself? 

Befriended and Free

October 14, 2018

{1 John 4:7-12, 19-21}

I try so hard to be accepted. I desperately want others to see something in me they admire, that I’m funny, or wise, or strong, or talented, or hard-working, or good-looking. Who wouldn’t love to be known for all those things? But a life consumed with performance and perfectionism never leads to meaningful relationships. What if there was a friendship I didn’t have to earn?

Reconciliation Begins with a Bared Soul

October 20, 2018

{1 John 1:5-10}

I’m good at hiding. I’m embarrassed. And ashamed. And I pay a price. Hiding is lonely. Only when I face my sin can I turn my back on it. Only then can I turn to those I’ve alienated and be reconciled.

Move Past My Prejudice

October 27, 2018

{Acts 10:9-16, 28-35}

So what if all my friends look like me? And talk like me? I’m not prejudiced. On the other hand, what if I’m missing out on some rich relationships? What could I learn from a friend who sees life differently? God, what do you want to show me?