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Transition Times

What transition are you going through right now? Is it about job, school, loss, health, family, residence, aging, finances? Transition times can be God’s opportunity to change us. After God delivered the ancient Israelites in Egypt, they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. It was transition time before entering the Promised Land. Exploring the Book of Numbers in the Bible, we’ll see what God showed them along the way that might help us through our transitions.

From Incapable to God-capable

July 8, 2018 // 9am Service Only (Fun Fest from 11am - 1pm)

{Numbers 13:17-20, 26-33}

Few experiences are as frightening as letting go of our limitations and moving into freedom. After centuries of slavery, the ancient Israelites faced the transition of entering the Promised Land. Will it be a land of milk and honey? Or a place of fortresses and giants? And where is God when we’re about to enter new territory?

Student Mission Sunday

July 15, 2018

A Special Sunday highlighting the Student Mission Trips

From Formulas to Obedient Faith

July 22, 2018

{Numbers 20:2-13}

It feels safe to go with what’s worked for us before. We do what we know. Give us a formula and we’ll follow it. But when we’re transitioning to the new, we can’t rely on old ways. The thirsty Israelites cried out for water, and God heard them. He told Moses what to do, but instead of obeying, Moses did what had worked for him in the past. It turned out to be a costly lesson.

From Happiness to Holiness

July 29, 2018

{Numbers 25:1-18}

It’s easy for modern Americans to believe nothing’s more important than our happiness, that we’re entitled to do whatever pleases us. Maybe it’s human nature. Before they could enter the Promised Land, the ancient Israelites had to learn that being God’s people means putting holiness over happiness.