DISCOVER TOGETHER: Big Ideas from the Bible

Imagine finding a key that unlocks an old box. You’re eager to look inside and see what treasures it may contain. That’s what we’ll be doing together with the Bible in January and February. The keys are big ideas woven throughout scripture. They unlock the Bible’s message, so its treasures can be found.


Each Sunday will feature a five-minute video, creatively illustrating each big idea. Pastor Steve’s messages will show how with each one, God brings hope to our lives! 


Heaven and Earth

January 13, 2019

{1 Kings 8:6-13}

We know what earth is. It’s our home, our planet, the place where we dwell. But what is heaven? The place we go when we die? Hopefully. Is it high in the sky, a far-away spot of the universe? Maybe. But what if heaven is already here, overlapping with earth? What if God’s space intersects with our space? You may never think about heaven the same way again.


January 20, 2019

{Genesis 3:1-7, 14-15}

The world’s a big mess. Why doesn’t God do anything about it? The answer is two-fold. He has and he will. We live between those two times. When God cursed the snake for deceiving the woman and man, a promise was made. A Messiah would one day crush evil at its source. But can he do it without crushing us?


January 27, 2019

{Isaiah 6:1-8}

What is God’s goal for every person? According to the Bible, it’s holiness. What does it mean to be holy? Are we supposed to be perfect? Sounds impossible. Don’t despair. God has a way of imparting his holiness to imperfect people just like you. Interested?

FOR THE TEAM - Partners in the Gospel

February 3, 2019

{Philippians 1:1-6}

Nothing brightens the heart of a coach like players who buy into the team. They do more than show up. They believe in the team. They believe in each other. They share a common vision. They strive for common goals. They lay it on the line every practice, every game. Because they’re teammates, partners.

At FaithWestwood we count each other as teammates. We’re partners in the gospel. And now, it’s game time.

The Covenants

February 10, 2019

{Jeremiah 31:31-34}

God loves to partner with people. He makes a covenant with one family to bless all families. He makes a covenant with one nation to bless all nations. They carry that covenant forward, but they also fail him. Repeatedly. It’s time for phase two of God’s plan. In walks Jesus, bringing a new covenant for all people.

Holy Spirit

February 17, 2019

{Ezekiel 37:1-14}

How long can the average person live without breathing? Minutes. Breathing sends oxygen into your bloodstream, taking it to your brain and body. No respiration = expiration. The Holy Spirit is the breath of God in us, making us spiritually alive. After his resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples and “breathed on them and said, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit’” John 20:22.

Day of the Lord

February 24, 2019

{Amos 5:10-18}

In ancient times, whenever the traveling judge came into your village, that was a good thing. It meant you could take your grievances to court. Wrongs could be made right. Injustices could get straightened out. The Day of the Lord is when the Judge shows up and renders a verdict, and that’s a good thing. Salvation requires judgment. But for those who oppose God’s ways, it will be a terrible day