Get Ready to meet Jesus

Get Ready to Meet Jesus

A lot of preparation goes into Christmas. Too much maybe: decorations, shopping, parties, food. The season of Advent (December 1-24 this year) invites us into a deeper level of preparation. Traditionally at Advent, Christians have taken time to listen to John the Baptist, and this year we will do the same. John said, "Prepare the way for the Lord."

December 1

Confess Your Sins

Matthew 3:1-6

How will you prepare to meet Jesus? Most of us don't think sin is a big deal -- at least ours aren't. We shrug them off and say, "Hey, nobody's perfect." How rarely do we seriously own up to our offenses! God called a prophet named John to get people ready for Jesus. He said, "Prepare the way for the Lord." They confessed their sins and were baptized.

December 8

Change Your Ways

Luke 3:7-18

How will you prepare to meet Jesus? You might grieve over your sins and even confess them. But God wants more for us. It's time to take action. People asked John the Baptist what they should do, and he was ready with specific answers. He got them ready for Jesus.

December 15

"Back to the Manger" -- Christmas Pageant

December 22

Behold, the Lamb

John 1:19-34

How will you prepare to meet Jesus? A person's life can be defined by who or what they point to. Do you point to yourself, seeking your own attention and glory? Do you point to something else: a cause, an idea, a group? John the Baptist knew his role. His life was defined by pointing people to Jesus. Who or what do you point to?

Christmas Eve, December 24

God Keeps His Promises

What are we waiting for? We wait for the day when the proud will no longer trample the humble, when the rich will no longer exploit the poor, when people will finally and fully be free. We wait for the day when God will make this dangerous world safe. Christmas tells us that all this waiting will one day end -- because God keeps his promises.