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Be Kind: Because God Is Kind

September 9, 2018

{Luke 6:27-36}

If you’re amiable, pleasant, and possess good manners, you’re called nice. But it takes more than that to be kind. Being kind means you’re generous and helpful. Then Jesus takes kindness to a higher level. He calls us to be like God, who is kind to the least deserving. These ten verses from Luke 6 will shock you. They’ll scare you. That’s why we need them. Fortunately, we have Jesus, our source for living such extreme kindness

Be Kind: This Kind of Love

September 16, 2018

{1 Corinthians 13:1-7}

You can do all manner of miracles and still be unkind.
•You can have an amazing knowledge of scripture and still be unkind.
•You can demonstrate heroic self-sacrifice and still be unkind.
First Corinthians 13 says admiration from others means nothing if we’re mean. By walking with Jesus we become less arrogant and more humble, less rude and more respectful, less irritable and more patient. In other words, it is kind. The love God desires for us is that kind of love.

Be Kind: Be a BLESS Kind of Friend

September 23, 2018

{John 4:28-42}

Jesus showed kindness by striking up a conversation with – of all people – a Samaritan woman of questionable repute! She in turn told everyone in town about this person she’d met, and soon, faith in the Messiah was passed to them. Through the kindness of friendship, may many come to call him Savior!

Be Kind: The Old You vs. The New You

September 30, 2018

{Ephesians 4:22-32}

Unkindness has its reasons. “I didn’t get what I deserved. They started it. I was hurt. I couldn’t help myself. That’s how the world works.” But that’s the old you talking. God has created a new you in Christ. All you have to do is believe it and live into it every day. And when you do, amazingly, kindness now has more reasons.