Congratulations, FaithWestwood Masketeers!

We are So Proud of You!



Pastor Steve Todd, Lead Pastor


Vikki O’Hara // Director of Caring Ministries




FaithWestwood’s Tireless Masketeers Create 10,000 Masks

for Their Congregation and Community


Lots of Time, Talent, and Fabric Donated to Protect Essential Workers, Non-Profit Organizations, and At-Risk Members of the Community


Omaha, May 8, 2020 – Since early March, several dozen members of FaithWestwood United Methodist Church in Omaha – plus many recruited family and friends -- have worked together to create and distribute over 10,000 protective masks for at-risk individuals and groups in the Omaha metro community.


To accomplish so much in such a short amount of time, the members of this dedicated team – called the FaithWestwood Masketeers – each fill a vital role in the assembly and delivery process. Some of the team cut yards and yards of elastic to specific length to go around the ears. Others launder, measure, and cut fabric into rectangles, then combine the fabric and cut elastic into kits. Then, with sewing machines humming, another portion of the team takes the kits and assembles the fabric and elastic into finished masks. In all, some 45-50 individuals – sometimes working as couples and family groups – contribute to this well-organized and efficient process.


As the masks are completed, Director of Caring Ministries Vikki O’Hara packages them for distribution to an ever-growing list that includes members of the congregation and their families, non-profit organizations, medical facilities, senior living organizations, patrons and volunteers at FaithWestwood’s own FaithWorks Pantry, and other at-risk groups. Special emphasis is given to non-profit groups serving those experiencing homelessness, refugees, and those providing child advocacy. All materials, kits, and finished masks are transported in plastic zip-closure bags with a “no-touch” pick-up and drop-off protocol designed to keep everyone safe and comfortable throughout the project.


Pastor Steve Todd enthusiastically supports this team’s efforts, saying, “I’m so proud of the dedication of our Masketeers. They are truly representing Jesus and his love to our community.”


In addition to their time and talent, a lot of fabric and supplies go into the project too. If you’re interested in joining in the effort, the Masketeers would be thrilled to welcome more team members who can use a sewing machine and help sew the masks. A pattern and directions are provided.

The Masketeers are also grateful for donations of 100% cotton, tightly woven print and solid-color quilting fabric -- fabric that's from your own personal stash at home. They do not wish for anyone to go to the store to buy new. And if would like to support the expenses of this valuable ministry with your monetary gifts, options for giving online, by text, and by mail can be found on the FaithWestwood website at For online and text giving, the special code for this fund is COVID.


The entire faith family at FaithWestwood would like to thank each one of the Masketeers for the untold amount of time, talent, and spirit they have given to this project. As the weeks pass, the need for protective masks across the community continues. We see God working through your hands and into every stitch of each mask you make. Your work is providing peace of mind, the freedom to move and work, and possibly saving the lives of people you may never meet – and we are grateful.


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