In-Person Worship + Registration

9:00 + 10:45 a.m.

Sunday School 10:45 only

Hello, FaithWestwood! It's so good to be together again!

On this page you'll find:

  • What to expect at our in-person Sunday services and the health-supportive measures we've put in place
  • A link to pre-register for each service

What to Expect

It's so good to be back in worship together -- but, it's important to understand that in-person Sunday worship will look different than what we're used to.

And that's ok. All the changes you'll see are there for a reason -- to help prevent COVID-19 from spreading in our church. 

To help everyone better understand how our in-person Sunday worship has adapted to COVID-19, we have a couple of resources for you. After you see them, we hope all the new signs and procedures you see in worship will make more sense. Later, we'll also have a video for you to see too.

Hello, FaithWestwood -- What to expect from in-person Sunday worship

(please read)

Welcome Video -- A sneak peak

  • Register Here for In-person services

    Registration is required for in-person services. It is not to reserve space in the worship center but to let the FW staff know how many worshipers to expect each week and to create an attendance list for contact purposes, if needed.

    Note: On the form, there is a place that says "General Admission" with a count of '1' to the right. Please use the drop-down menu next to the '1' to indicate how many people will be in your party. Further down in the form, there will be another question asking for the names of the people in your party. If you are attending the 10:45 service and have children who will attend Sunday School, there is an additional space to list their names.

    Also, you do not need to create an EventBrite account to complete the registration.