Hope Stories

In 2016 FaithWestwood began giving out wristbands with the words “God, increase my hope . . . .” We were asked to wear it, then share it. When we meet someone who needs hope, we would give it away and encourage that person to wear it and look to share it with someone who needs hope.


If you would like a wristband to wear and share, come worship with us any Sunday and pick one up at the information table.


On this page you will find a collection of Hope Stories. If you give or receive a wristband, CLICK HERE if you would like to submit your story to be shared. 


I gave two bracelets away in three weeks. The first one was a woman, and she is a neighbor. She comes over and tells us what’s going on with her husband. At the end, I take a bracelet off and give it to her. She almost starts to cry. The second bracelet was given to a man. I work with him one day a week. The guy starts to tell me how his parents are really getting to him. I take off my bracelet and give it to him. He says no and tries to give it back to me. He feels guilty. I tell him that I can get another one, so he keeps it. He says to me, “You better, or I will give it back.”

- Scott Herring

I gave away another HOPE wristband--this one to a widower dealing with grief. It put it on immediately and said he wanted to keep wearing it.

- Steve Todd

I had given a friend experiencing infertility my hope bracelet. Today she shared she is 9 weeks pregnant. God hears our prayers.

- Kathy Austin

Yesterday I was having lunch with a friend during our Great Plains pastors’ gathering in Salina. We had a chance to chat a few minutes with our server, who was probably in her early 20s. When our food came, I said, “We’re going to pray for our food, and I wondered if there’s anything we can pray for you about?” My question startled her a bit. She said, “Are you serious?” I just said, “Yeah. Is there anything we can pray for you about?” She told us she’s been working at that restaurant four years, plus she also has a job at a department store, but she doesn’t really like it. She said she’s feeling kind of stuck, so she’s thinking about moving to another state and making a new start. But she’s torn, because it would be hard to leave her family. Then she left our table. My friend and I prayed. When we were about to leave, I told her about my wristband, that it says, “God, increase my hope.” I offered it to her, and she put it on right away. And I mentioned that if she ever meets someone who needs hope, she can give it away to them. I doubt if I’ll ever see her again, but I believe God will use that moment to let her know that she can count on Him to guide her life.

- Steve Todd

I shared my bracelet with a co-worker. His daughter had her baby early and the baby was in intensive care and on a respirator. He in turn, passed the bracelet on to his daughter. I am happy to say the baby has gained weight, now 9 pounds and is off the respirator.

- Sharon Spohn

While at Estabrook Cancer Center with my friend Barbe I met a young woman named Robin. She and her husband shared her story of mucosal melanoma. This wa her first chemo treatment and while they had researched and she had already had surgery, I could sense their fear. I know they are believers as her husband said they pray every day. This cancer is extremely rare and every treatment is just an educated guess. I gave her my hope bracelet and told her I would be praying, too.

- Marilyn Berryman

I have given my wristband to my sister. She lost her job in July. My mom passed away in January. Our favorite Aunt passed away in April. Her husband lost his job last month, and their dog died the next day. Her only child moved to Des Moines in October. She has had so many things that have knocked her down this past year. Needless to say she is feeling overwhelmed and could use some hope. I pray that she finds His peace by wearing the wristband. 

- Diane Persing

I gave my bracelet today to a patient who is having many health problems. She told me all about her issues and seemed very sad. Her son was with her. She did tell me that her husband’s new insurance might be able to finally help pay to relieve some of these issues! I asked my doctor’s permission to give this patient the Hope bracelet and he said I could. When I gave it to the patient she began to cry! I gave her a hug with her permission and told her there is always hope. I also asked her to give it to the next person she comes upon in her life journey that might need it. Truly melted my heart of how a simple object can bring two strangers together and give them hope!


- Regina Anderson

I gave my wristband to a friend whose husband has cancer. He’s been through chemo several times but never into remission. They recently learned that a myeloma specialist from MD Anderson in Houston started working here at the Med Center so they switched to him. Last week after taking him off his other meds and many tests, they started him on a new regimen and he was feeling better already the next day. I told her I wanted to encourage both of them with hope and then asked her to pass it on to someone else. She was very appreciative and is a strong believer in prayer. Thank you for sending us out to reach others.

- Donna Lammert

Good morning,


I wanted to share my story with you. I have been having some struggles lately myself and wearing the bracelet has helped me in many ways. But yesterday I knew that it was time to pass it on. A friend of mine that I have known since high school, and is also Grayci's para preschool teacher at school, informed me that she has put in her 2 weeks’ notice. She has been missing a lot of days lately. She told me that she suffers from bad migraines and has been getting ulcers that are making her really sick. Because of the ulcers they have taken her off of her migraine meds. They are going to be doing further testing to find out what's going on.


Yesterday after I spoke with her, I was sitting at home and looked at my bracelet. It was almost like he was tapping me on the shoulder that this was who I would pass it on to. So this morning I pulled her aside and told her what it was about and I hoped that it would bring some hope and comfort to her. She immediately started to cry and thanked me. She told me I just had made her day and she knew that God will help her through the struggles she is facing right now.



Marie Moyers

All Tuesday evening I held fast to my green hope bracelet while I prayed. I knew friends across the country were also praying. Initially I was feeling so hopeless. Yesterday, I was able to pass my hope bracelet to a friend experiencing infertility. I felt called to share with her.

- Kathy Austin

I gave my HOPE wristband away last Thursday morning. As you may know, I work at Metro city bus company. I am their company nurse, and my friends and employees come in and visit with me regularly. Don has recently been diagnosed with cancer of the prostate. He is on chemotherapy now, and he has shared every step of his journey with me so far, even about losing his hair and mustache! Thursday he came in to my office to update me on everything. He is such a positive guy, and always smiling. But I could see in the slightest way that the chemo may be "testing" his attitude/outlook. He is very grateful to me for referring him to the oncologist that is treating him. After we visited, I gave him a hug, and gave him my HOPE wristband. I showed him what it said, and it brought tears to both of our eyes. It was a special moment.

- Sandi Smith