Becoming a deep, daring, daily disciple is a lifelong journey – it helps to have some buddies along the way. That’s what FaithGroups are for.

At FaithWestwood, hundreds of us participate in FaithGroups. It’s a valuable part of our who we are as a church.

What is a FaithGroup?

A FaithGroup is a small group of people who meet regularly for study, prayer, and fellowship. Each group is a little different. Some FaithGroups meet to discuss Pastor Steve’s recent message or the current message series -- some choose other books or studies to dive into. Groups sometimes serve together within the church or in the community too.

For many, their FaithGroup becomes more than just a study group. Bonds form, friendships deepen, and over time, your FaithGroup becomes one of those supportive crews you “do life” with.

How do I find a FaithGroup?

There are several ways to get involved with a FaithGroup. Many of our current groups extend open invitations to new members all the time. Others are formed with the suggestion and guidance of our Director of Adult & Family Discipleship, Holly Timberlake. And some groups form naturally when a few friends -- or even strangers who have something in common -- decide they’d like to dive into regular bible study and prayer together.

For more information about FaithGroups, contact Director of Adult & Family Discipleship Holly Timberlake at or 402-895-3394 ext. 1006.