Who We Are

our mission: Making disciples of Jesus Christ

our vision: To become deep, daring, daily disciples


Mature into deeper levels as a disciple

We want to grow deeply in God’s love and in loving each other in deep fellowship. We want our lives to be deeply shaped by God’s Word. 


Seize the daring challenges of a disciple

We want to become daring disciples, who will follow Jesus anywhere. We will dare to be led by the Holy Spirit, individually and as a church. We want to be daring in our serving, daring in our love, and daring in our generosity.


Establish the daily practices of a disciple

We want to be daily disciples, not Sunday Christians. We strive to pray daily, read God’s Word daily, live for Jesus daily, worship God daily, and change the world daily.


    We love Jesus by feeding, befriending, and blessing those in need.


    We invite others into our lives and into a relationship with God.


    We share life with one another in living, challenging, Spirit-led community.


    We apply the Bible to daily life and build Christ-centered homes.


    We bring children, students, and adults together as we follow Jesus.