I'm new

If you’re curious about FaithWestwood, I hope you’ll discover a few interesting things as you poke around this website. But the way to get the “feel” for us, is to visit on a Sunday morning. Or even better, go with us as we serve the community. 

We don’t have everything figured out. We try to be as open about our flaws as we are about our faith. We help each other walk with Jesus. We’re learning to live and love like Jesus. We see it happening . . . 

•in our small groups we call FaithGroups,

•in personal stories shared in worship, 

•in our engaging ministries with children and students,

•in our Love & Learn Childcare and Pre-school, 

•with our FaithWorks Pantry, 

•as we serve Central Middle School, 

•in our mission trips to Costa Rica, 

•as we turn plastic bags into sleeping mats for the homeless.


If you are new or not yet a FaithWestwood partner, FaithLink is a place to explore more about FaithWestwood, connect with others, and chat with Pastor Steve.

FaithLink is held 8 times a year on the first Sunday of the month. Please see the calendar for the upcoming dates.

If you have questions, you can email me or Jen Robinson. Hope to see you soon.  

All for Christ, 

Steve Todd, Pastor